• Andrea Zanfi

    Prosecco on the road

    On the road to the sparkling streets of Prosecco, Andrea Zanfi take you on a Beat journey through the nine provinces involved in the production of this great Italian wine, divided between the Veneto and Friuli. Starting from Piazza Unità d’Italy in Trieste the author will take us with him to discover what is behind this young and dynamic Italian brand, made of history, passion, care and work. He will travel free and without bias, in the kerouac style, around nine provinces, more than 20.000 hectares of vineyards, more than 10.000 winegrowers, 1.300 winemakers and more than 300 bottlers, that all play together and each for their own part, to make great Prosecco.

  • Andrea Zanfi


    The Island and the Mediterranean.

    Stories of loves and wines

    More love stories, many fine wines, one protagonist: Sicily. The book written by Andrea Zanfi is a storyline starring the largest island in the Mediterranean, understood both as a fertile land for the man, as a woman strong and stubborn, trying to resist the advance of her lover Mediterranean.

  • Mauro Civai e Enrico Toti

    Palio. The race of soul

    It's been over ten year since the first edition of Palio. The race of soul. Now a new is published in a new look revised and updated. Despite the great effort expended to identify what had changed or if it was possible to better illustrate certain aspects of the feast, the authors found that the Palio, substantially, even in this segment of recent history that has generated momentous changes across the planet, has remained almost unchanged in its consolidated features.

  • Andrea Zanfi

    Sangiovese's story

    The story of a life, that of Sangiovese. An unusual approach for a book that aims to tell the story, the fortune and misfortune of this great blend, making it the protagonist of the plot of a novel. The Sangiovese becomes a person, or rather, the writer Andrea Zanfi haul himself in the role of “Sangiovese character”. Will he, at first, to tell the life, places of birth, meetings and territories of his wanderings.

  • Andrea Zanfi


    The island of olives

    The sacred tree of Athena, the true guardian of territorial identity is at the heart of the book Sicily. The island of olives, edited by Andrea Zanfi, in collaboration with IVROS, the Regional Institute of Wines and Oils Sicily. A book where the images are of very high value, real works of art, are all unpublished, taken by five professionals: Claudio Brufola, Vincenzo Brai, Paul Spigariol, Giuseppe Leone and Carlo Giunta. These are combined with the eight essays signed by Giuseppe Fontanazza, Gaetano Basile, Maria Concetta di Natale, Giuseppe Barbera, Enza Cilia, Giovanni Lercker and Luca La Fauci.

  • Andrea Zanfi

    Maremma in pentola

    Traditional Cuisine of Southern Tuscany

    “For years I discuss, often empty, with my fellow citizens about the values of membership or about the meaning of maremmanità and respect the principles of identification to which everyone should follow in order to feel part of a territory.
    After years I am convinced that words are not enough and that, as before, must roll up their sleeves so that no one will feel strange to a territorial entity regardless of whether there is born. Also because the history of this land has always been built by men who came from other places, from daily work and effort of the individual.”

    Andrea Zanfi

  • By Margherita Anselmi Zondadari and Paolo Torriti

    Ceramics in Siena

    from its origins untill the Nineteenth Century

    A beautiful book to the choices of the works reproduced and for its contents, taking into consideration the history of Italian ceramics: ambit previously reserved to a few followers, and then, from the last war, neglected by the more mature national historiography. This book does not pretend to tap into a utopian completeness, but is comprehensive and perfect in the structure of its exposure, because it is addressed with the right approach to examine a phenomenon so important in its facets, from the literature in all historical periods significant of its development, without forgetting the contemporary and the findings in the neighboring towns.

  • By Maurizio Bettini, Maurizio Boldrini, Omar Calabrese, Gabriella Piccinni

    Myths of cities

    All Italians have mythical origins. Just like their cities. From the escape of the Trojan hero, Aeneas, begins the long journey of the Italian people that runs from north to south on a route of the most beautiful cities of the peninsula and the story of the exploits of their founding myths, between legends and fantastic animals. A work that interweaves different disciplines each other in the realization a volume of high scientific value, but high-impact informative. The history of our origins as no one had ever told.

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